Community – I love my home: It’s the best!

I grew up in a small village called MOshate GA-mamabolo in Limpopo. It’s not the kind of place you would notice on a map – it’s so small I wouldn’t be surprised if some maps didn’t even mention it.

But my home has one thing going for it that can’t be argued; it’s beautiful there. Perhaps the most beautiful place in the world.

Growing up my parents were unemployed and poverty was a reality for a lot of people. Unemployment was more the rule than the exception. We depended on the ocean for fish to eat and sell, the mountains and forest offered up animals to be hunted, and we grew crops on the fertile land.

I didn’t have all the toys that I wanted, I didn’t go on overseas holidays with my family, but I had an amazing childhood.

It was when I turned 18 that I went to live in a big city. And as much as I’ve adapted the truth is, there’s still no place like home. I value my visits – the space to go home for the holidays, relax and detox from city life where the air is clean and the stars are brighter.

I wouldn’t have my roots anywhere else.

Do you feel as passionately about your hood as AARON TRIDDER MOTHOTOANA’s article? Tell us why you think so by sharing the highlights about where you come from. Email:aarontridder@gmail.com


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