You don't know what you want to be? #try aaron tridder, to get better answers Some people are lucky and it seems that they’ve simply known what they wanted to be since they were little. And then they follow through. But for others it’s a little more difficult to figure out what they want to be. Maybe you’re one of them. If so, work through the questions below and hopefully they’ll help you figure out which career path you want to follow: Is there something, or a couple of things that you are really good at; a talent you have that outshines everyone else?   Are there tasks you actually enjoy doing span or sgela?   Do you remember the last time you were asked to do something and you took it to the next level; delivering much more than what was required? What was it?   What do your friends and family tell you you’re good at? Maybe you throw down in the kitchen, or you’re really good with kids?   What do you believe in?   Are there jobs out there that you wish you were doing; jobs that you’ve heard about that you wish you could lay your hands on?   Do you have a dream job? It’s not always easy to know what your calling is, or whether or not you should follow it. Do you know what you want to be? How did you figure it out? Got a better answers? Than you smarter than before, email me your answers here: Or comment with your answers# your name


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